Job Seekers

Take the next step in your career.

New Job Opportunity

Whether you’re an experienced professional seeking a new full-time job opportunity, or looking for a temporary or new travel assignment, Spectrum Healthcare can help. Through our interviewing and screening process, we’ll learn more about you, your career goals, skills, experience, and preferences to find the right position for you. You will join an impressive group of professionals who help healthcare facilities maintain their high standard of care in the midst of staffing changes, growth, and employee shortages. We look forward to making personal connections and building relationships with job seekers.

Why Choose Spectrum Healthcare Services?

Count on us to:

Respect and protect your confidentiality from our very first interaction and throughout our working relationship.

Have a discussion on every potential opportunity and gain your approval prior to submitting you to any position.

Remain responsive throughout the process and act with integrity and transparency.

These are the values we bring to all of our relationships with job candidates.

Our Services


Contract assignments that require you to sign and agree to terms of a contract before you begin working. Contracts are for a specified period of time, typically 13 weeks or longer and end upon completion of the assignment.


Book shifts when you want, based on the needs of the facility. Create your own schedule without long-term requirements.


These positions are at least three months, with the goal being a full-time employee, after the temporary period ends. This option allows the employee to evaluate and assess fit with a potential employer.

Direct Hire

If you are looking for a new full-time career opportunity, we can match you with your ideal position.  We will represent you during the search, interview, and placement process.  All costs are paid by the employer.  We will perform confidential searches, allowing you to continue your current employment.